Monday, January 24, 2011

What is missing

A friend who also lost her life mate wrote in her blog today
>>>his smile when I told him good news or his commiseration at bad news or his laugh at silly news grounded me, and made everything more vibrant.<<<
This is exactly IT. Without that one person who matters the most to share things with, everything loses its luster. Nothing matters. No thing.
Everything is better when it's shared and when it's shared with your soul mate,the love of your life,  no matter what it is, it's better. Worries are easier to bear and sometimes evaporate altogether. Scary things are less scary and even seem silly when both of you are holding on to each other. And happy things are just the best things ever when they are shared.
Today marks eight months since John has gone and I still feel raw, still feel broken, still feel as if my life ended that day, too.

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