Sunday, February 26, 2012

21 Months

Friday February 24th marked 21 months. Twice - on Friday and Saturday - I made plans to sit down and write about it and twice I fell asleep and woke up after midnight. Guess a part of me didn't want to think about it too much although I know I thought about it all day that day and since.
On the surface it was an ordinary day. I went to the Fountain Hills Fair with a friend and bought some things. I cleaned the front and back yards. I shopped for groceries. I ran some errands. That night I went out with friends for dinner. But I didn't forget.
Am I dwelling on it too much? What is too much? And who can expect me to forget what this date means?
No answers. No profound thoughts.
Just sadness. Some anger at what we were denied. What will never be.
And a big hole where my heart used to be.

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