Monday, June 3, 2013

More death, more loss

I decided to Google/Facebook search old friends today. It's something I do periodically. It's fun. Sometimes I find people I know and reconnect.
Sometimes I find people and just see how they are but let them be.
And sometimes, I find sad news.
Like today.
I found a friend John and I knew back in Pennsylvania where we both worked, where John and I met. And she has passed away. She had actually passed away a few months before John did. We had lost touch with her years ago but still the news touched me. Judy was only a couple of years older than me and she was actually a year younger than I am now when she passed away. Her obituary didn't say much so I have no details. She was still listed under her maiden name so it was obvious she had never married.
Still her passing saddened me. She had been there for me through some tough times. 
I feel strange - like I am the last one left standing.
Rest in peace, dear friend.

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