Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Once again I felt John watching over me

I was driving home yesterday afternoon. And playing songs from my iPad through my car stereo system. I had on one of my favorite Josh Groban albums and the song playing was "To Where You Are", the song I had sung at John's funeral Mass.
I was crying. That song always makes me cry. And of course I was thinking about John and missing him and also thinking about his funeral. It is safe to say I did not have my mind on my driving and my vision was a little blurred.  I also had a coffee in my right hand so I was only driving with my left hand on the wheel. But, in my defense, I was driving up my street and only going about 25 miles an hour. I was not in a hurry.
All of  a sudden, to my right, a car started backing out of its driveway. It was clear the driver did not see me. With split second timing, I saw the car veer into my space and at the same time, pulled my car to the left and around the oncoming car, not missing a beat.
It happened in a second and when it was over I knew I had not done that on my own. The maneuvering was so smooth and easy. I didn't even have to think about it. By the time what was happening registered, it was over and I was out of danger.
I know that was John helping me. As the song says he is "watching over me". And I thanked him.

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