Wednesday, April 9, 2014

29 years ago

I came across these pictures today from 1985.  I don't know why I hadn't scanned them before. Maybe I need to go back through all my pictures again after I finish the first run through and see what else I might have missed. Or maybe the pictures mean more to me as time passes.
I love the colors in these two photos. I love how young we look. They were taken in the Fall of 1985. We were renting a small place in Dallas PA while we were between houses. We knew what kind of house we wanted. We just hadn't found it yet. So our realtor helped us find this little gem to rent. It was out in the country a bit off a road called 42nd Street. I think it was somebody's idea of  a joke when they named the road. The house was small and had been built somewhere around 1770. It had a beautiful sun room and the wildlife was wonderful. We could look out our bedroom window in the morning and see foxes and raccoons and deer. And we believed it was haunted. But the spirits were friendly. We loved our time there.

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