Monday, July 7, 2014

John continues to show up

Two friends and I have started a Reiki share group. We have met two times so far. And both times when I have been on the table getting a treatment, John has shown up.
One of the girls giving me a treatment yesterday told me she felt John's presence and even asked him [in her mind] if he was there and felt she got confirmation.
I saw John in my mind's eye and at one point felt a definite strong pressure on my right hand. At first it felt like he was holding my hand and then I just felt a downward pressure. It was unmistakable. In fact, I opened my eyes just  a little bit to see where the girls were in relation to me because I thought maybe it was one of them.
But one woman was at my head and the other was at my feet. And I still felt the pressure on my right hand.
So I know it was John.
My Love.
My always and forever.
Thank you, Sweetheart. 

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