Sunday, March 1, 2015

Thank you, John

I wanted roses for my birthday but I felt that ordering them myself was cheating so I didn't.
Then this morning there was an email from FTD reminding me that today was Joy's birthday and did I want to send her flowers?
Gotta love marketing.
Or was it someone else?
So I figured - what the heck - it couldn't hurt to look.
So I logged into my FTD account and started browsing.
Sure enough there was an option to send flowers for delivery today.
So I made a search and asked it for the lowest priced flowers - just to see. No point in being crazy about this.
Lo and behold - a single rose popped up.
In our early courting days, John used to bring me a single red rose every Friday and then monthly on our first date anniversary.
I thought that was a hint from him so I clicked on it.
It was reasonable and came in its own vase.
I was going to get the single rose and then decided to upgrade the order and get two roses - signifying me and John.
I placed the order.
This is what I ordered.

It just arrived.

Notice anything?
John sent me 3 roses!
I know I paid for two. I just checked the order and the receipt that came with the flowers verified it.
But there are clearly 3 roses here.
So I guess I have the two I ordered and the one John wanted to send.
Thank you, my Love.

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