Monday, September 14, 2015


I have saved every single card that John and I ever gave each other.
Every. Single. One.
At the time I was doing it I thought maybe I was being a little weird. In the beginning I saved the envelopes too but when the amount of paper got to be ginormous, I compromised by tossing the envelopes.
Maybe my soul and heart knew that some day these cards would be so precious to me.
Because they are.
I'm so glad I have them. They are tangible reminders of how much we loved and love each other.
How much John cherished our life together.
How lucky I was.
And still am.
When I need to feel him near me, I grab a few and read them. It's sad but it's also good.
Recently, I gathered them all together because I had saved them in various places around the house.
They filled two large bins.
Two large bins filled with love.

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