Friday, January 27, 2017

Potrait adventure

Due to an emergency on the part of the photographer, my portrait session was postponed until this past Wednesday. As it turned out, it was for the best [I really need to remember to trust]. Because of the delay, I was able top get to my hairdresser the day before and she trimmed my hair and added some more highlights.
I arrived for the session the next day feeling more confident. After having my makeup done, I felt like a queen. Leanna the photographer was very nice and put me at ease.
We headed out for the park. Luckily the rain had stopped the day before and we had a gorgeous day to work with [thank you, Team!].
When I first sat down for the first picture I knew John was with me. Right across from me under a tree was a memorial plaque that read
I Leave You This
In Memory of
I knew then John was sending me love.
I got the raw proofs back last night and they are gorgeous. It was hard picking just one so I picked several. I figured, why not? I will always have them. But there was one that was perfect for the book. As soon as I get the final photos back I am ready to send the book to print.
I took a selfie with my professional makeup job so I might be able to duplicate it if I ever needed to. I probably can't but it will be fun trying.

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