Monday, July 17, 2017

Practicing independence

John did so much for us. He took such good care of our home - and me.
It's hard when I have to depend on others now to do things that he once did. I have been lucky in that I have found a lot of good people to fill John's shoes - from landscapers to handyman to A/C repairmen. And I know he is sending these people to me.
But sometimes I just want things done on my time and not wait for others.

This past weekend was one of those times.
First I changed the rug on the deck. Moved furniture. Picked up the old rug.
Got the new rug in place. Put the furniture back.
Turned out great.

Then I wanted a storage unit for the laundry room. I saw one in Target that looked nice and that seemed easy enough for me to put together myself. Dragging the heavy box home was a challenge. Then yesterday I decided to put it together. But I did it.
After putting my furry helpers in the bedroom so I wouldn't have to worry about Sean hiding pieces of hardware, I took a deep breath and started.
And it was nice using John's tools. I felt like he was with me.
I was tired by the time I finished but I think it turned out okay.

John always admired my stubborn streak. He knows I'm never going to change. I know he's smiling.

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