Thursday, April 19, 2018

A beautiful sign from John on his birthday

As I posted earlier, John's birthday was last week. 
John sends me signs just about every day now. 
He especially loves to send numbers. 
His favorite is 43. And every time I see that I stop and say Hello. And I smile, knowing John is still with me.
But sometimes to really get my attention he sends 413 [for April 13] or the one that seems to be the strongest one is 443 [April 1943 - his birth month and year]. 
Last week I was driving to meet friends for dinner. It was on April 13. We were meeting specifically to celebrate John's birthday. 
The readout in my CR-V tells me how much farther I can drive based on the gas left in my tank. 
As I pulled into the restaurant parking lot, this is what I saw on my dash.
John was telling me that he knew we were celebrating and he was with us. Of course I took this picture to remember the sign and as soon as I met my dinner-mates I showed them too.
Everyone smiled. We knew.
Thank you, Sweetheart. I love you.

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  1. so cool! Goosebumps!
    He's also saying good job on your car care! <3 Steph