Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Another gift

I have written before about the hidden gifts I have found since my soul mate John transitioned.
I experienced another one last weekend.
The annual AREI Symposium was held in Scottsdale just two weekends ago. Every year is grows larger and brings people from all over the world to meet and discuss topics about the Afterlife.
I have had the pleasure of making many friends on the various Facebook pages devoted to aspects of that topic.
Two Fridays ago I got to meet one of them in person.
Mary Beth Spann Mank gave a presentation about the Annie Nanji seances recorded while Annie spoke to her husband through the medium Leslie Flint.
I became friends with Mary Beth over a year ago on Facebook. We moderate a couple of Facebook pages together and sadly share the fact that we have both lost our sweethearts.
But we have moved forward and our passion is to help others get through the hard times and know that love lives on and we will be together again.
It was a thrill for me to meet Mary Beth in person and get a long-awaited hug. Her presentation was wonderful.

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