Sunday, May 6, 2012

I've started wearing some of John's clothes

Not all of them, of course. I would look kind of silly in one of his suits. But his T-shirts and scrub tops are good to sleep in and I can even get away with wearing some of them in the daytime. And the best part is I get to put them in the wash again and some days I can pretend he's still here.
Maybe that's delusional but I don't care. I am counting down the days to two years since he left and it's almost unbearable.
I spent part of the morning scanning more pictures. What will I do when I run out of pictures? That will put a finiteness to our life together that I don't want to face.
These were from the summer of 1993.
John and Willie in John's MG - August 1993

September 1993

On a cruise to the Bahamas - August 1993

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