Thursday, October 10, 2013

A revelation

I had a thought today that made me feel good: John and I are in a mixed marriage now. He is a Being of Light and I am Corporeal. But we can make it work.
This strange thought was probably inspired by the metaphysical book that I am reading right now but that doesn't make it any more illogical. I have always felt that what John and I have is very special. That if any couple could still be together after one of us has transitioned that it would be us.
So why not? What is there to lose?
I still feel John with me, encouraging me, loving me.
I know we will be together again and I have to make the most of my time left here, that there is a reason why I am still here.
It is no coincidence that I have started writing again, that I am feeling a sense of purpose.
I can feel John smiling.

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