Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another year

I have much to be grateful for and I am.
But it still hurts to not have John here with me. And on New Year's Eve, a day when everyone is wishing everyone blessings and happiness for the coming new year and anticipating all the good that can be, it is very sad to know the year will not include having John here with me physically.
I often think about those last days and hours I spent with him.
One of the things John said to me on our last day together [when we were discussing my elevated cholesterol level and how Ineeded to make sure I treated it] was "I don't want to be here without you." That goes for me too, Sweetheart. I don't want to be here without you either.
I am reminded of a Garth Brooks song "If Tomorrow Never Comes".
The answer is Yes, my Love. I knew, I know.

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