Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Our last Christmas

I made a stocking for Bella this Christmas. It was her first Christmas. I don't know why I made it. She doesn't know any different and I will never hang it up. I guess I just felt the need to carry on our tradition.
Ever since John and I have been a couple we have had stockings to hang on the mantle. I made one for me and for John and then every animal we had, including our parakeets. Over the years we had to retire some because our furbabies moved on to The Rainbow Bridge.
I didn't decorate for Christmas the year John passed and I have not decorated since. And sadly, more babies have gone on to The Rainbow Bridge too. First I lost Charlotte and last year Toby and Jessie.
But in 2012 I made a stocking for Sean and this past Christmas I made one for Bella.
Maybe someday I will be able to hang them again.
Christmas 2009

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