Monday, January 13, 2014

My new Guide

Yesterday I went for my final Reiki certification - Master Practitioner and the day could not have been better.The first half of the class was instruction and discussion and the second half was hands on and practice.In the hands on portion, we each had the chance to be on the table and receive the energy while the other students practiced.
And during that time, our instructor Susanne Wilson, a medium and Reiki Master, gave feedback on what she was sensing or seeing.
Usually it was about body sensations - "Are you having difficulty with your knees?" "Do you have stomach ailments?" etc. Or colors and energy.
When it was my turn, it was different.
When I was on the table as the client, Susanne immediately started to pick up John.
She asked me if I had dreamt about him recently. I had, just the night before and it had seemed like a little visit.
Susanne confirmed that.
Then she said "He's here. He just stepped in and asked if he could join us."
John stayed throughout my entire session, confirming our anniversary, roses, and other messages.
I could feel him being happy and smiling.
Susanne talked about how evolved he is and that he is part of my Soul Team now, my Guide.
I knew it! I have felt it but now it's confirmed.
I had been asking who was my Guide. Everyone has one - a Master Guide. I had been asking but getting no answer.
Yesterday I heard "Me!"
It was my gift from John. 
I love you, Sweetheart.

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