Sunday, August 24, 2014

A window in time

I am still going through old pictures and I came across an envelope of slides. Hard to believe the old way we used to take pictures. What can you do with a slide now if you don't have a slide projector?
I tried scanning one of them into the computer but that didn't work at all.
Then a friend told me about Walgreen's photo services so I dropped them all off yesterday - there were 20 total - and they are going to put them on a DVD for me.
It's going to be fun to see what's on there. I tried holding some up to the light to see what was there. I know there is a very nice head shot of John and I saw a picture of one of our cats who is now passed. Looked like a couple of christening shots of one of my nieces too so that helps me tell when these were taken. I think it was 1984.
I'm looking forward to getting the pictures back.

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