Monday, January 18, 2016

A loss on so many levels

The Eagles were probably John's favorite band. He loved the "Hotel California" and their song "Lyin' Eyes" became a private joke between us early on in our relationship. The reason is not necessary but suffice it to say that we found it funny. Over the years, every time the song came on, John would poke me and say "There's your song" and we'd enjoy a moment together.
The song became even more important to me after John died.
It was the first song he sent to me after he passed. I knew it was from him and I knew he was trying to make me smile once again even in my sorrow.
Even now, over 5 years later, the song pops up every so often and I know it's from John.
So, the song, and thus the band, is very important to me.
And today I learned that the founder of The Eagles Glenn Fry has also died. And he was only 67, just like John was when he passed.
I am feeling like I have lost something on so many levels but I know Heaven is experiencing some good music tonight.
RIP, Glenn. Thank you for the good music.

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