Saturday, July 23, 2016

Keeping John's memory alive

Since John's passing I have had the occasion to have readings by some mediums. Some were good, some were terrible, and some were beyond wonderful. I have been lucky enough to subsequently become good friends with the two who were beyond wonderful. Not only were their readings extremely accurate but they gave me a peace I had been searching for.
Their names are Susanne Wilson and Mollie Morning Star. If you have the occasion to have readings by them, I highly recommend that you do.
Mollie is also a gifted artist and she often posts very uplifting photos and paintings with wonderful sayings.
The one in this blog post is taken from her Facebook page.
I love what she has written inside this photo.
It is something that resonates with me.
Ever since John has transitioned I have been obsessed with keeping him alive - not only for me, but for others as well. Doing what we can to uplift and help the world in the name of our loved ones who have passed is the highest honor we can give them. We can let their light continue to shine in the world. We can transform our grief into the impetus to better the lives of the people and animals and the land around us.
What better tribute to our loved ones?
In the end Love is all there is. Over and over again, we hear that from those who have passed on.
Share the love.
Be the love.

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