Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things are happening the way they are supposed to

"Things are happening the way they are supposed to." That was John's favorite saying.
I agreed with him but I always thought it meant that the Universe was allowing things to happen so that we could learn and grow. That it was something "out there".
Now I have a different perspective.
I just finished reading a wonderful book called Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz. It talks about pre-birth planning and how we as eternal loving souls plan what we are going to experience in this life and other souls from our "family/group" agree to participate and play certain roles in order to help us with our life lessons.
Now John's favorite saying takes on new meaning for me. "Things are happening the way they are supposed to."
Was John telling me that he and I agreed to this? That he has finished his plan now and I am still here to complete mine? If that is the case, it gives me a measure of peace. Nothing bad is happening. Things are just happening as we agreed to and when he and I are together again, all will be well.
And if I just reach out with my heart and soul with love, we can still reach each other. He is only a thought away. We are still together and we are doing this together. Just as we planned.

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