Saturday, March 1, 2014

Today is my birthday

And I am missing John a lot today. I know if he were here he would have made this day so special.
That is not to take away anything from how great this day was. I received lots of well wishes, and gifts and cards from family and friends.
But it is still hard not having John here and it makes my heart hurt.
I know that if John were here we would have gone out to dinner tonight. There would have been cards and gifts from him. And he probably would have brought me flowers. John knew how much I loved flowers. Especially roses. Except that I do not like red roses. I don't know why. I just prefer yellow roses or pink roses or peach-colored roses.
So this morning I told John I would love a sign from him so that I would know he was here with me today. I told him I would love it if somehow he could send me roses and it would be extra special if they were not red.
Then I met some friends for tea in Phoenix. I thought maybe my roses would arrive at tea. Maybe my friends would bring me flowers - last year a friend did just that. She brought me two dozen roses. She said she didn't know why. She just had the urge. :)
Or maybe the Ritz would have roses on the table.
But no. None of that happened. I was a little disappointed but I thought I had been asking a lot anyway and I should not be so greedy. The day was wonderful and I was happy to be with my friends.
So I came home.
Then I heard the mail being delivered. As soon as the mail truck pulled away I went out the front door to go to the mailbox. As I was closing the screen door I felt something under my hand. I looked down and on the doorknob was a notice from a local florist to go next door to pick up some flowers that had been delivered and left there for me. Off I went.
Imagine my surprise and utter joy when I saw these flowers waiting for me - and the roses are peach and a deep pink! They were sent to me by my cousin, engineered I am sure by my sweet sweet Love.
Thank you, John. I love you so much.

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