Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spirit comes through once again

After seeing my doctor yesterday, I found myself coming face to face with an important decision regarding treatment going forward. Neither of the choices was 100% what I wanted. I found myself vacillating between a rock and a hard place.
Over and over, my mind tumbled. My choice was to do nothing, crawl into a hole, put my fingers in my ears and yell "La la la - I can't hear you." But that wasn't very mature or useful and I knew that.
So, I decided I should seriously consider my doctor's recommendations even though I was afraid.
Then I decided I needed help to know I was making the right choice.
So I asked my spiritual Team (made up of Spirit, my guides, my angels, and John) to send me a sign.
I asked that, if the decision I was thinking of making was the correct one, to send me a feather. 
But not just any feather. There are plenty of plain grey dove feathers around. 
No, in order to clearly know the response, I asked for a colorful feather.
And then I said it could be in any form. 
Oh, and it had to be by nightfall last night. 
Hey, if you're going to ask, ask BIG.
Then just before the designated time I logged on to Facebook and saw that Susanne Wilson had just posted so I clicked on her link to see what she had to say. 
Imagine my surprise when I saw all these colorful feathers. 

Thank you, Team!

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