Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bunkie Day

I always told John this was how I felt when I met him. It was as if my soul had been searching and then just all of a sudden recognized John when he showed up. And if I believe truly that John and I were meant to be together from before either of us came here this time - and I do believe that - this all makes sense.
From the first, I knew. John was "home" to me. My heart knew it would be safe and loved with him. When we were apart, it was an eternity until we could be together again.
Today is Bunkie Day. John named it that when he moved in March 15, 1980 - 32 years ago today. I still can see him standing in my doorway, belongings in hand. Scared. Apprehensive. Happy. The beginning of a wonderful happy life together.
John made dinner for us that night to celebrate.

Happy Bunkie Day, Sweetheart.

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