Wednesday, March 7, 2012

People with foot in mouth disease

A woman I know who also lost her soul mate recently found herself defending her grief with a total stranger who claimed that grief that lasts "too long" [and what is the definition of too long?] was really suffering from co-dependency and not grief.
Spare me the armchair psychiatrists! What hogwash. Obviously that person never had a deep interdependent love with a soul mate. John and I allowed each other our own space. We did things together and we did things apart. He had his interests and I had mine and we had interests together. But just because the best part of my day – and life – was time spent with him and I still grieve the loss of him in my life now doesn’t make me codependent. John was my best friend, my counsel, my helpmate, my buddy, the person who knew me better than anyone ever did or will. The person who could just say my name and my heart would be so happy. The person I enjoyed doing things for because it made me feel so good to see him smile and know I did that for him. Is that co-dependence? No, that is love, pure, unadulterated love. A love worth grieving for the rest of my life.
Wonder what this person would think if he knew I feel I am still connected to John in Spirit?
Today I was driving home and thinking about John and missing him and a truck passed me and there on the back bumper was the word “Collins”. I like to think that was John saying Hello. And on top of the truck was written “Home of the Eagles” which made me think of the music he liked. That had to be him saying Hi to me. It was too much of a coincidence and we know there are no coincidences.
Love reaches out across the physical if we but look for it. Spirit doesn't die and true love doesn't either.

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