Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Sweetheart!

Today, 34 years ago, John and I became a couple. Green beer, an Irish bar, painted shamrocks with sparkles on our cheeks - we were immediately and forever bound to each other from that day forward.
I have no pictures from that day. The earliest picture I have of John is this one, taken a few weeks later at my new apartment.

This is a special week for us - 3 anniversaries very close together. Even though I always feel John close to me, I was feeling sadness at John not being physically here on Wednesday of this week while having breakfast in one of the cafe's here in town.
Yet, somehow, John found a way to reach out to me and say "Hello" and "I love you". I had ordered  a cappuccino with breakfast and this is what arrived:

The waitress told me the chef just felt inspired.
Then today a friend gave me this as a belated present.
If you look closely, the tag says the angel is making the sign for "I love you". To get this today on our special day meant so much to me.
I know John is still with me.
Thank you, John. I love you, too.
Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart.

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