Wednesday, April 24, 2013

35 months today

Today marks 35 months since John left. I woke up during the night and had a terrible time falling back to sleep. And then I realized it was the monthly anniversary of when John passed. So I guess my heart knew what my brain had trouble remembering at first.
And then to make matters worse, I had to put our dog Toby down today. Toby was really John's dog. He loved both of his girls but he was especially fond of Toby. He was so proud of her intelligence and sensitivity. And she loved him so much.
I had to actually talk John into getting a second dog. But we knew Jessie needed a friend so we searched until we found just the right one. John always said he wanted a "scruffy" dog and he got that in Toby. But she turned into a beauty and she loved John so much. He called her a "kid in a dog suit" because he felt she was so smart. She understood everything John told her. They had a special bond.
So I picture them together now - John and Toby and Jessie.

Take care of our babies, John, until I get there too. Then we will be all together again. I can't wait.

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