Sunday, July 21, 2013

A dream is worth so much

I dreamt about John last night. Most of it was just a dream. Some of it was obviously just a dream with dream logic.
But throughout all of it was the feeling of everything being all right. That feeling of peace of just being with John.
Everything felt right again.
And then there was one point when I was actually able to touch and feel him. I know that part wasn't a dream. That was a visit.
Yesterday I had asked John for a sign, any sign. Just something to let me know he was still with me.
And then early this morning I got the most wonderful gift.
I woke up feeling good, happy, at peace. For the first time in a long time. And that feeling has stayed with me.
So I know the message is what I was hoping.
John is still here. He will always be here. He still loves me and will always love me.
Everything is all right. Everything is as it should be.
I know I will go back to feeling bad at times but I will come back to this dream and remember this good feeling too.
Thank you, John. I love you so much.

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