Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The signs are there

No matter how many times I experience it, I am always amazed how our loved ones can reach out to us from across the veil and get a message to us.
Case in point:
I needed to go to the bank yesterday and thought I would save time by going through the drive-through on my way to meeting a couple of friends for lunch.
What was supposed to be a 3 minute transaction [it was only a deposit] turned into a 10 minute plus ordeal. I have no idea what the teller was doing but she came back once as if looking for my deposit slip and then still took a while after that. I was tempted to go around and inside - I was getting so frustrated and a line was forming behind me. And there is never a line at this particular small bank.
Finally, she finished and I was on my way.
Furious. Aggravated. Doing a slow burn.
Got out on the main road out of town and decided to just put it behind me.
As it always happens when I am driving, my thoughts turned to John.
And I realized that the next day [today] would mark 8 years and 5 months since he passed.
I still miss him so much. Sometimes the sadness is just overwhelming and at that moment it was. I remember thinking how much suicide would be a relief. Not that I would do it. But I definitely understand why someone would want to. I was feeling bereft. Alone. Wondering why I was still here and not wanting to be.
And then I noticed the license plate of the car ahead of me.
It was a Texas plate and the phone number of the dealer was on the license plate holder. The last 3 numbers in the phone number were 413.
John likes to use numbers to get my attention.
43 is a favorite of his. He was born in 1943.
443 is another one - it doesn't show up as often and it gets my attention when it does. He was born in April 1943.
But 413 is one that only rarely shows up. John's birthday is April 13.
And he was born in Texas.
I think John did not like the thoughts that were going through my head at the time I saw that plate and he really wanted me to just stop and know he is still here with me. Loving me.
And our time for reunion will come when it's supposed to.
If I hadn't been detained at the bank for so long I never would have seen that car and those numbers.
I don't know how they do it, but our soul mates are trying so hard to show us they are still here with us.
I belong to several Facebook groups that deal with losing our loved ones, our soul mates, and looking for ways to get signs, to stay connected.
So many feel alone and abandoned and want a sign, any sign.
Don't give up. They are there.
Even something as simple as a number on a Texas license plate.
We are still loved.
Love never dies.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Love Will Never End

I have been missing John so much these last couple of days. So much that it actually hurts. My heart aches.
Then my Love sent me this song and two feathers.
Thank you, Sweetheart.